A 3PL partner with a difference

Gold Tiger Logistic solutions (GTLS) is a prominent supplier of FTL and LTL door to door transport services in Australia. As an integrated logistics service provider GTLS also provides warehousing and container destuffing, standalone or interfaced WMS and TMS, customer specific compliance and other logistics services as required.

If you are looking for a partner who understands the importance of delivering consistent service levels and transparent cost management then you need to talk to GTLS. Our team has come from diverse industry backgrounds and bring a wealth of experience to each logistics relationship we embark upon.
We will tailor a solution to suit you.

GTLS differentiates from other logistics businesses by investing in key infrastructure to ensure the foundations for growth are stable. GTLS owns its premises and fleet. This allows GTLS to avoid passing on a raft of on costs associated with complex financial lease structures, bank interest and the
needs of other stakeholders. Importantly, this means GTLS can make an impact on your business where it matters most, the bottom line. GTLS prides itself on being price competitive. Further, our drivers are employees and not engaged through agencies and subcontract arrangements. Again this is to ensure our team is invested in the wellbeing of the company, its customers and stakeholders. Ask your current provider what their asset structure and finance arrangements are…

At GTLS we understand that you can’t be successful on your own. To achieve greatness you need to surround yourself with those who are the best in their field. To ensure GTLS is positioned to provide you with a sustainable solution with ongoing upside opportunity GTLS has partnered with class
leading businesses.

We work closely with our technology partners to ensure our systems are up to date and that we are using technology to reduce time and cost in managing your work. We choose JAIX software for our Transport Management and Warehouse Management systems. JAIX is compatible with most ERP’s for interfacing and related EDI messaging.

We have partnered with Volvo for our fleet of prime movers. Volvo is a world leader in truck manufacture and we are proud to run a fleet that is underpinned by Volvo’s dedication to quality, safety and environmental care. This also means you can have comfort that a world leader is carrying your precious freight.

A core criteria when working with any 3PL outsourcing is their approach to safety. GTLS has dedicated team members ensuring chain of responsibility, quality and compliance are top of mind for our extended team. We are NHVAS, BFM and HACCP accredited. We run regular toolbox and prestart audits, have safety conversations with our customers and stay in tune with industry to ensure we are up to date and bringing to life any new requirements.

Our vision is to be a partner of choice for your extended logistics task. Our internal discussions centre around what we can do to maintain high quality service levels, provide quality information to help you with your own reporting needs, identify improvement opportunities and manage cost. We
know from experience by planning for the long term but executing today will enable us to build and grow together.

We are agile. A core strength of working with a business like GTLS is our flat decision making structure and our ability to get up and running with you quickly and tailoring a logistics solution to your needs.

Contact us now for a confidential discussion about your logistics task.

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