Transport, interstate line haul, warehousing, distribution or a full 3PL or 4PL solution – take your pick

Whether you need us for a single service – transport, line haul, warehousing, distribution – or an end-to-end 3PL or 4PL solution, Gold Tiger can customise its service offering to meet your business’s requirements. We will listen to what you want, offer our suggestions and devise competitive pricing for a top-quality service. Our team has expertise and experience in transition management, which means bringing your business to us can be done with the least possible disruption to your customers.

Domestic transport services around Australia

  • Manufacturer to warehouse/distribution centre
  • Metropolitan to regions/remote areas
  • Warehouse/DC to retail stores/showrooms
  • State to state, region to region
  • Warehouse to warehouse, business to business

Gold Tiger transports palletised and ugly (odd shaped) freight by full truck load (FTL) or less than full truck load (LTL) business-to-business around Australia. We can do regularly scheduled B-double or semitrailer pallet pickups from multinational manufacturing plants operating 24/7 through to smaller companies that need oversized or odd-shaped products transported to their showrooms. 

We have a large, versatile and wholly owned truck fleet that can transport ambient (air temperature) food and goods wherever and whenever needed. Gold Tiger is also licensed to transport goods classed as dangerous, such as batteries and some chemicals.

Throughout its transportation, 95% of our customers’ goods travel exclusively in Gold Tiger trucks driven by our full-time employee drivers. About 5% of goods, generally going to remote areas, may be carried on their final leg by a trusted local trucking contractor.

Interstate line haul, point to point

  • Point to point, state to state, around Australia

Line haul is the lifeblood of the transport system that takes consumer goods around Australia. Gold Tiger’s biggest trucks, our B-doubles and semitrailers, are continually picking up hundreds of tonnes of freight, much of it ambient food products, and delivering it to warehouses and distribution centres around Australia. Whether you need twice daily, daily or weekly services, Gold Tiger trucks are plying the highways 24/7 to keep vital freight moving throughout our community. 

Fast and flexible warehousing and distribution

  • Short and long-term storage
  • Palletised and ugly goods
  • Pick-and-pack order fulfilment
  • In-bound container unloading with storage and/or distribution
  • Outbound container packing, completion of paperwork and delivery to port
  • Major warehouses in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide; smaller warehouses in other states

The Australian-built JAIX logistics software powers Gold Tiger’s warehousing and transport operations around Australia. JAIX comprehensively records the movement and location of every customer product going in and out of our warehouses and trucks through RF inventory management. Customers can access live data in JAIX through our online client portal or a direct interface built between systems for larger customers. 

We can unload a container in 2-3 hours, with all related product information arriving in JAIX in the same time frame. We can flexibly deal with unexpected pallet volume increases needing extra warehouse storage. If orders for fulfilment jump beyond the customer’s most optimistic forecasts, we can set up extra pick lines and maintain our 99.9% accuracy.

When our customers are hit at short notice with supply chain issues, then Gold Tiger willingly helps to solve their problems. We are fast, flexible and focused on the customer.

Mix and match an integrated logistics solution

  • Mix and match from all our services to create the transport and logistics operations your business needs to thrive

In an integrated logistics solution, which could reach the level of third-party logistics (3PL) or fourth-party logistics (4PL) provider, Gold Tiger will supply and manage all activities related to the movement of your goods across the supply chain from manufacturer to customers. It can include strategic insights and data analysis to continuously improve supply chain performance. A dedicated account manager ensures the customer benefits from the speed and cost-effectiveness of properly integrated services.

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